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Building a Better World with Engaging Learning

Do you need to train your team on the best ways to do a job? Maybe you need to tell them about the latest safety regulations. Whether you need to inform your trades about safe work procedures or help them understand the importance of building codes, ICOM knows construction. Construction sites and companies have a wide range of people spanning a variety of backgrounds. From project managers to broom pushers, everyone needs proper training to do their job well. ICOM turns your policies and procedures into highly visual, interactive learning solutions that everyone can understand.

Getting Oriented with Graham

Graham Construction needed a cutting-edge, engaging, and informative video to enhance its instructor-led onboarding sessions. With an ever-changing and growing workforce, Graham's safety orientation needed to bring workers quickly up to speed on the company's culture and safety standards. ICOM delivered the perfect solution.

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Construction sites are constantly changing. Each stage in the building process requires new trades to come onboard. And while most know the safety basics, you’ve got unique policies and procedures. You need to give them the information they need to do things your way without taking up too much of their time. ICOM knows how to cut to the heart of your message and send it out in a way that makes everyone feel like part of your team.

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Construction trades have a broad range of skill sets, backgrounds, and experience. Not to mention, you’ve got contractors and vendors coming to your site at all hours of the day and night and every day of the week. You need to make sure they have constant access to the tools of the trade, including learning resources. ICOM has just what you need to keep your site moving smoothly. We develop training in a way your entire team can understand. And we have delivery solutions that let you track compliance, update procedures on the fly, and provide 24/7/365 access to your trades.