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Unlocking the Vault to Successful Learning

Whether you’re a neighbourhood credit union or a large, global financial institution, ICOM knows the financial sector is as large and varied as your organization’s needs. For everything from legal and legislative issues to robbery awareness, ICOM understands the challenges you face each day. And it’s important your team members understand them, too. Our innovative learning solutions help ensure they have everything they need to keep themselves—and your organization—safe, compliant, and secure.

Empowering First West Employees

As one of the largest credit union’s in British Columbia, First West has a lot of people coming through its doors on a daily basis. And through it doesn’t happen often, robbery is a reality of the banking business. Employees need to know just what to do to protect themselves and customers if a masked bandit enters the building. Working closely with First West, ICOM designed an eLearning experience that informs employees of the potential risk and trains them how to respond should they find themselves facing down a robber.

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Solutions by Role

Your business is so much more than bank accounts and retail outlets. Aside from commercial business, you’ve got plenty of other offerings, like insurance, investments, and lending options. Not to mention, you’ve got a lot of people working in different roles. ICOM provides learning solutions that can help you get your message across, regardless which role you play in the company. 

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Compliance training, policies, and orientations

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Hazard awareness, incident management, and emergency response

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Standard operating procedures, task training, and equipment use

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Product overviews and software simulations

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Solutions by Product

Delivering products to a large number of people is a big task. And you need to ensure every one of your team members has the same details about your products. Customers should be hearing a consistent from one location to the next. Through our robust product offering, ICOM can help create the learning you need and provide a delivery option that meets the needs of all of your people.