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Each day, healthcare workers deal with many sensitive matters, including everything from caring for an aging population to recognizing the needs of diverse groups of people and understanding ethical dilemmas. ICOM knows just how to approach each of these matters with care and understanding. The healthcare industry is made up of thousands of workers whose job it is to heal, comfort, and support people when they are at their most vulnerable. Spending time away from the people who need their care can be a challenge for health care workers. This is just one of the reasons creating efficient and effective learning solutions are so important in this industry. ICOM can help cut down on seat time, so healthcare workers can spend less time training and more time with their patients.

Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

To help healthcare workers understand the impact of their work environment on their mental health, Alberta Health Services (AHS) asked ICOM to help develop a unique learning solution. The goal was to impart the importance of psychological safety on healthcare workers, as well as let then know how important their emotional well being is to AHS, patients, and the public. ICOM crafted a course that helps employees better understand and recognize mental illness, as well as how to help people who may be experiencing a mental health issue. Through the use of realistic scenarios, the course demonstrates what it means to work in a healthy, respectful, resilient, and productive workforce.

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Health care workers have touched every one of our lives. From the moment we’re born, they help care for us at the hospital. Throughout our lives, we encounter them often, whether we’re getting a checkup at a clinic or visiting a loved one in a care home. It’s a diverse industry, with many types of jobs and services. And each one is as important as the next. Health care is a vast a network of people supporting each other, relying on each other. You can rely on ICOM to help you find the most effective ways to train your team, regardless of their role in your organization.

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ICOM knows you’ve got the same HR onboarding and compliance training needs as other organizations. But we also know your industry is unique. You need to help people find the best ways to address sensitive situations, like death and critical illness. From diversity training to safe-handling procedures, our eLearning is an effective and efficient way to get your message out. And we have products to help you deliver it in a timely fashion, anyplace and at any time.