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Learning that Looks Beyond the Assembly Line

Workers need to learn how to do their jobs safely and efficiently all without stopping the line. ICOM’s solutions focus on providing the information your people need to keep operations running smoothly.

As with many other sectors, manufacturing has a wide spectrum of employees–from managers and foremen to workers and helpers. Shutting down operations for training simply isn’t practical and has a big impact on the bottom line. This is where ICOM can help. We have the skill and experience to get the right information to everyone who needs it in a way that has the least impact on your operations.

Revolutionizing Canada’s Shipbuilding Industry

In partnership with a government initiative to revitalize the shipbuilding industry in Canada, Seaspan was awarded the opportunity to produce several innovative new ships. Leveraging the skills of its experienced international team, Seaspan . had developed its own unique production process. Now, it needed to bring this process to its entire team. Through two video orientations and more than 15 eLearning courses, ICOM helped Seaspan achieve its goal.

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We know you’ve got a lot of people doing a lot of different jobs. And each person depends on the next to complete his part in the manufacturing process. After all if one component isn’t ready on time, it can hold up everyone else in the line.

You need to make sure your people understand the impact they have on the finished product and their teammates’ ability to do their jobs. It’s up to you to get them the tools they need to do their work well. But it costs time and money to pull people away from their daily tasks. ICOM can help minimize time spent training by helping you create the most efficient, effective learning solutions possible. From HR to Safety, we’ve got solutions for you.

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Compliance training, policies, and orientations

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Hazard awareness, incident management, and emergency response

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Standard operating procedures, task training, and equipment use

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Product overviews and software simulations

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Introductory videos

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A lot of hard work goes into manufacturing a great product. Your people need proper training and access to information to be able to achieve excellence. ICOM’s goal is to bring training to your workers when and where they need it in a way that has the least impact on your bottom line and the biggest impact on performance.