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Learning Solutions For Mining

Mines are busy places. Your teams need to be well trained, safety conscious, and competent. We know the types of equipment, tasks, environments, and safety considerations people encounter on your sites. And we know how to produce efficient, effective training that aligns to your business needs. For everything from standard operating procedures to 3D mine sites, we’ve worked with mining companies across the globe to produce solutions that help decrease training time and increase productivity.

Creating a Virtual Reality with Syncrude

Using Oculus Rift technology, ICOM produced a lifelike virtual worksite where learners can perform a walkaround inspection of a CAT 797 haul truck, as well as identify equipment components and trigger brief, computer-based training lessons about the different components.

Taking Training To The Next Level With Taseko

Wanting to house all of its training and documentation in one convenient location, Taseko asked ICOM for support. Leveraging the unique capabilities of ICOM's eco solution, the result was a content management system that acts as a repository for eLearning, manuals, policies, and procedures. Learners from all parts of the company can access the parts of the system required for their particular position.

Tracking Compliance In Remote Areas
With Teck Coal

FiLMS, ICOM’s proprietary learning management system (LMS), supports offline course tracking and options for updating results during times of day when your site has the least online traffic. But it needed refinements to fulfill Teck’s unique needs.

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Solutions by Role

We’ve worked with mining companies across the globe to produce solutions that help decrease training time and increase productivity. Whether you’re an HR professional or safety supervisor, we’re experts at breaking down complex operations information, standard procedures, and corporate policies into digestible bites that are easy to understand.

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Compliance training, policies, and orientations

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Hazard awareness, incident management, and emergency response

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Standard operating procedures, task training, and equipment use

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Product overviews and software simulations

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Introductory videos

Solutions by Product

Mine sites have many hazards, and workers need to understand them all before they can safely do their jobs. Our products use 3D simulations and real-life scenarios to help train your team without ever putting them in harm’s way. We even have solutions that allow you to track completion and compliance in low-bandwidth areas.