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Pumping Up Performance and Driving Business Results

As a Calgary-based company, we know the drill when it comes to the oil and gas sector. We’ve worked with the world’s largest and most-respected oil and gas leaders to train hundreds of thousand of workers.

Over the years, we’ve crafted learning solutions for just about every segment of the oil and gas industry. Thanks to this diversity, our team has expert knowledge of your business. You can rest assured we’ll craft your learning with a keen eye for best practices in everything from exploration and production to processing and refining.

Creating Aboriginal Awareness with Suncor

As part of its commitment to making the world a better place, Suncor works with Aboriginal communities to minimize the impact of its operations on traditional Aboriginal lands and ways of life. Suncor needed a way to show its employees how their work connects to Suncor’s relationship with Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples. Knowing the subject matter needed to be approached with care and sensitivity, Suncor partnered with ICOM to produce an innovative eLearning solution. Using our knowledge of Aboriginal perspectives and ways of life, ICOM helped shape a message that was both respectful and informative.

Building a Comprehensive Training
Experience with Suncor

Suncor had built an innovative new incident management process and needed to spread the word to the people who
would be working with it. They needed to a way to draw awareness to the new program, help people understand
their role in it, and ensure employees knew how to use it. With an entire blended learning program in mind, Suncor turned to the team at ICOM to help bring the ideal learning solution to life.

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ICOM knows you’ve got a big job to do. You need to keep staff up-to-date on the most current standards and ensure they’re compliant with company protocols. On top of all that, your first priority is making sure people know what to do to keep safe on the job. You’ve got thousands of people on job sites around the world, and each one needs to get the same message, whether it’s about using new software or understanding production operations. And that’s not even including the information you need to get out to vendors and contractors. That’s where we come in. ICOM is experienced at making solutions that meet your needs, whether you’re in HR, safety, operations, or IT. We convert your content into an engaging, effective learning solution and provide robust platforms where you can deliver your products.

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Compliance training, policies, and orientations

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Standard operating procedures, task training, and equipment use

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Product overviews and software simulations

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You’ve got thousands of people working in every kind of job site, from offices to oil rigs. Your people need proper training information to do their jobs safely each and every day. ICOM’s goal is to bring training to your workers when and where they need it in a way that has the least impact on your bottom line and the biggest impact on performance.