Our Team

President and CEO
Kevin Jones

After joining ICOM in 2001, Kevin began developing the instructional design team. Over the years, he has also developed ICOM’s product and professional services model, sales process, business strategy, and new market growth strategy. Now, as President, Kevin helps companies drive their business through learning and engagement.

Founder and Managing Partner
Greg Surbey

Before becoming an ICOM owner in 2002, Greg used his business acumen to help TELUS, IBM, and General Electric align learning methodologies with business gains. As ICOM’s founder, Greg uses his diverse skills to drive the company’s vision and culture and ensure each product is rich with inspired learning.

Director of Products and Technology
Ryan Jones

Ryan applies progressive thinking and research to the development and execution of technical projects. His role is key in integrating solid solutions planning with leading-edge learning and communication strategies, developing concepts, and directing the collaborative efforts of technical professionals. Throughout his time at ICOM, Ryan has led the teams that have successfully created solutions for our products to run on both iOS and Android platforms.

Director of Operations
Neil Agnew

With ten years of project management experience and three running Operations, Neil ensures all projects run to plan. Budgets, deadlines, and quality are Neil’s main focus, but he also brings a strong technical background and experience in product development to everything we do.

VP of Business Development
Devin Harrington

A true entrepreneur, Devin brings his business savvy and years of sales expertise to the ICOM team. As VP of business development, he builds lasting relationships with our clients, getting to the heart of their business needs and ensuring ICOM delivers the best products to meet those needs.

Mark Johnson

Mark is responsible for the successful implementation, coding, SCORM compliancy, and deployment of all ICOM projects. He manages a dynamic team and ensures they are always current with best practices in the rapidly evolving eLearning industry. In addition, Mark has worked extensively on both learning management systems and the rich-media content courses they host.

Marketing, Communications, and Client Services
Heather Hudak

For nearly 20 years, Heather has worked as a professional writer and editor in variety of communications and editorial roles. In addition to managing communications for ICOM, she works closely with clients to ensure they have an extraordinary experience and that all of their needs are being met.

Managing Director
Phil Speed

Phil has spent the last 17+ years, managing digital learning design and development businesses, launching consulting practices, and building and managing sales and customer success teams. From his days helping launch IBM’s eLearning business, he’s built business units from the ground up and has expanded existing businesses through innovative approaches to their business development practices. Phil joined ICOM as Managing Director, and runs our business out of Ontario.

Technology Advisor
Almaz Nanjappa

Almaz Nanjappa is a serial entrepreneur and a product thought leader in the Silicon Valley. Almaz has deep experience building world-class products for some of the world’s biggest companies and startups. As ICOM’s Technology Advisor, Almaz helps to direct the vision of our forward-thinking learning projects.