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From features and benefits to customer service, retail workers need to know their products and the people they’re selling to. ICOM understands how important it is to train a constantly evolving workforce on an ever-changing product line. We’ve made learning fun for thousands of retail employees across Canada. From product knowledge to overcoming customer objections, we know you have a lot of ground to cover, and you don’t have a lot of time to cover it. You need to get products on the floor fast. And you need to train your team even faster. Our solutions get to the heart of the message in a way that’s memorable for your people.

Onboarding a Nation with Canadian Tire Corporation

Known for its nationwide loyalty program, it’s no surprise Canadian Tire is the country’s largest retailer. With about 500 stores across the nation, most Canadians live just a short drive from the nearest location. Using a unique blend of our innovative eco, High Five, and eLearning products, ICOM created CTC's most comprehensive employee-interaction program to date. The custom solution addresses CTC’s onboarding, employee recognition, and learning needs all while driving business goals.

Making a Difference with Mark’s

Mark’s was looking for a way to unify their customer service techniques, product knowledge, and communications process. With employees spread out at hundreds of locations across the country, training was often inconsistent from one trainer or location to the next. ICOM developed an interactive learning environment where all employees throughout Canada could be trained in a consistent and efficient manner.

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Solutions by Role

Need to inform your teams about the best way to merchandise a new product line? Perhaps you’ve got a new system for stocking the shelves. For everything from providing product knowledge to ensuring everyone knows loss prevention procedures, ICOM is here to help.

Retailers have a broad demographic. Employees often range in age, skill, and experience. But retail is so much more than just the friendly faces we run into at the store. There is an entire behind-the-scenes operation working in office, delivery, and manufacturing roles. We have the tools to connect with all of your employees at every level of the organization.

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Compliance training, policies, and orientations

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Hazard awareness, incident management, and emergency response

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Standard operating procedures, task training, and equipment use

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Product overviews and software simulations

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Introductory videos

Solutions by Product

When a new product line hits the floor, a customer service policy changes, or updates are made to a payment system, you need to get information out fast. We know retailers face the added challenge of varying schedules, employee retention, and multiple locations with unique needs. For this reason, we offer an array of products to meet your diverse needs.